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The publications below are part of the Farm Business Management for the 21st Century series that apply strategic management thinking to farm businesses.

The Competitive Environment: New Realities. Boehlje, Dobbins and Gray. EC-717:8.

Strategic Planning: Scanning the Horizon. Dobbins, Gray, Boehlje, Miller and Ehmke. EC-716:12.

The Internal Analysis of Your Farm Business: What Is Your Farm’s Competitive Advantage? Gray, Boehlje, Dobbins and Ehmke. EC 721:12.

Developing Vision and Mission Statements. Ehmke, Dobbins, Gray, Boehlje and Miller. EC 720:12.

Farmers as Plant Managers & General Managers: Which Hat Do You Wear? Boehlje, Dobbins and Miller. ID-236: 8.

Checking Your Farm Business Management Skills. Boehlje, Bechman and Rausch. ID-237: 24.

Are Your Farm Business Management Skills Ready for the 21st Century? Self-Assessment Checklists to Help You Tell. Boehlje, Dobbins and Miller. ID-244: 24.

Measuring & Analyzing Farm Financial Performance. Boehlje, Dobbins, A. Miller, D. Miller and Barnard. EC-712.

Key Financial Performance Measures for Farm General Managers. Miller, Boehlje and Dobbins. ID-243: 18.

Capital Investment Analysis & Project Assessment. Boehlje and Ehmke. EC-731: 12.





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