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Strategic Business Planning for Commercial Producers is a comprehensive curriculum for educators to use in teaching commercial farm managers to be highly effective business managers. To be successful, farm managers must either have or acquire a comprehensive set of strategy, finance, marketing and risk management tools. Purdue University has developed this resource, in collaboration with Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, to teach these skills. This resource includes:

  • extensive writings that explain and apply finance, strategy and marketing to today’s farm businesses.
  • 33 PowerPoint presentations with complete presenter’s notes to aid educators in delivery.
  • exercises to apply the concepts to participant’s farming operations.

Strategic Management graphic

Positioning the Farm Business
The strategic management section challenges the farm business manager to address the changes taking place in farming and develop a strategy for taking advantage of the many opportunities that these changes present.learn more

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Measuring and Analyzing Farm Financial Performance
The financial management section shows how farm business managers can harness their financial resources to create an effective and efficient business structure. learn more

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Marketing the Farm Business
The marketing and risk management section explores how to manage risk, and use marketing to serve the needs of customers. learn more


The material on this site is available free of charge. The authors request that when it is used credit be given where it is due.


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Funded by Farm Credit Services of Mid-America

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