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July 2010: Taking Care of Business at the 2010 Workshop

June 2010: Top Farmer Crop Workshop: Focus on the Financials of Your Operation, and More

May 2010: 2010 Purdue Farm Management Tour Preview: Hession Farms, Brownsburg, IN

April 2010: Spring: A Time for Growing Crops and Cultivating Goodwill

March 2010: Indiana Land Values Remain Strong amid Overall Market Turbulence

February 2010: Corn Molds/Mycotoxins Extending the Misery of 2009 Harvest for Some Producers

January 2010: Top Farmer Attendee Perceptions and Responses to Increased Volatility: 2008 and 2009 Survey Highlights

December 2009: Climate Change Policy Could Offer Silver Lining for Crop Producers

November 2009: Giving Thanks for Contemporary Agriculture

October 2009: MANAGING THE 2009 HARVEST: Resources for Drying, Storing, Grain Quality, Crop Insurance and Marketing

September 2009: Producing the 2010 Crop: Input Cost Projections & Analysis

August 2009: Corn ACRE Looks Like a YES

July 2009: Highlights of the 2009 Top Farmer Crop Workshop

June 2009: Droplet Size Increasingly Important for Sprayer Calibration

May 2009: Top Farmer Crop Workshop: Strategies for Charting Your Future

April 2009: Overview and Analysis for the Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) Program

March 2009: Measuring Systematic Risk for Crop and Livestock Producers

February 2009:Changing Input Costs and Grain Prices: Implications for Crop Selection and Management

January 2009: Factors Shaping Price and Availability in This Year’s Fertilizer Market

December 2008: What are the Skills of Financially Successful Farmers?

November 2008: Tax Changes Affecting Farmers This Year

October 2008: Assessing the Financial Crisis and its Impact on Agriculture


August 2008: Crop Input Prices: What is going Up, What is not, and Should Your Management Change?

July 2008: Highlights of the 2008 Top Farmer Crop Workshop

June 2008: Will Robotic Agriculture Be Our Next Leap in Crop Production Efficiency?

May 2008: 2008 Top Farmer Crop Workshop—Adding Value to Every Acre You Farm

April 2008: How Are Producers Managing their Corn After Corn Acres?

March 2008: A Practical Guide to Worker Productivity

February 2008: Chinese Agricultural Reforms Open a Role for Midwest Farmers

January 2008: A Look At Some Biomass Harvest Options In Corn

December 2007: Assessing and Managing Strategic Risk in Agriculture

November 2007: Tools For Evaluating Farm Leasing Options

October 2007: Using Yield Monitor Data for On-Farm Experiments

September 2007: Planning for 2008: Costs and Risks Rising with Grain Prices

August 2007: Integrating Livestock with Crops in an Era of Specialization

July 2007: Highlights of the 2007 Top Farmer Crop Workshop

June 2007: Where is the Experience Growing Corn After Corn in Indiana?

May 2007: 2007 Top Farmer Workshop Geared for Crop Producers

April 2007: A Comprehensive Succession Plan Can Help Your Business Endure

March 2007: Adapting Your Management Style As Farm Business Structures Change

February 2007: Farm Consolidation and Market Integration: Will Crop Production Follow Livestock's Lead?

January 2007: Staying Ahead of the Energy Revolution Taking Form on Your Farm

December 2006: Domestic Production Activities Deduction One of Many Tax Changes Affecting Farm Businesses

November 2006: Growing the People in Your Family Farming Operation

October 2006: Fall Weed Control an Ever More Popular Option

September 2006: Columbian Sugar Cane Growers Gearing Up to Meet World Demand For Food And Fuel

August 2006: DPP Allows Growers to Capitalize on Market Volatility

July 2006: Highlights of the 2006 Top Farmer Crop Workshop

June 2006: The Impact of Higher Diesel Fuel Prices on Cost of Field Operations

May 2006: Top Farmer Workshop Provides a Forum for Improved Decision Making

April 2006: Agricultural Engineering Student Projects Focus on Practical Solutions

March 2006: New Generation Grain Marketing Contracts: How Have Top Farmer Opinions and Usage Changed?

February 2006: Factors Affecting Adoption of CRW Corn

January 2006: Will Higher Fertilizer Prices Make Site-Specific Fertilizer Management Pay?

December 2005: Improve Soybean Yields through Attention to Genetics, Planting Practices, and Pest Management

November 2005: Workshop helps Farmers Utilize one Of Their Key Resources: Information

October 2005: New Thinking Regarding Nitrogen Rates for Corn

September 2005: Higher Energy Costs Cause Rethinking of Crop Rotation Decisions



June 2005: Price Volatility an Increasing Factor in Marketing Decisions

May 2005: Top Farmers Apply Innovation to Harvest Sunlight, Maximize Returns

Apr. 2005: Using Remote Sensing to Differentiate Weeds in Mint

Mar. 2005: Using Site-Specific tools To Manage Field-Scale Research

Feb. 2005: Weighing The Returns of Rotated VS. Continuous Corn

Jan. 2005: Precision From The Ground Up In Brazil

Dec. 2004: Field Experience Validates On-The-Go Soil pH Sensor

Nov. 2004: Interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Still Flying High

Oct. 2004: Top Farmer Crop Workshop Welcomes New Members to Planning Team

Sep. 2004: Lessons Learned from the Top Farmer 2004 Yield Monitor Data Analysis Sessions



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