SHaPE Research Group

Welcome to the Space, Health and Population Economics research group SHaPE. Our group is based in the Department of Agricultural Economics, in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University.

Many of today’s real-world problems have an explicit spatial dimension and are in need of an integrated analysis. For instance, large income differences across the world are a persistent phenomenon that can be explained by geographical features, population dynamics and the health of the population. The same interplay of factors is relevant at the national and the regional level, and public policy is used to impact the spatial distribution of wealth, people and access to resources. A vast array of issues can therefore profit from a spatially explicit analysis that integrates economic, demographic and possibly health-related factors. These issues range from economic growth and development to firm demographics in the manufacturing industry, food production and food security, demographic profiles and movements of people, land use and transportation, health care access and the obesity epidemic.

To inform public policy, the work of our group centers on:

  • producing state of the art knowledge regarding the way in which spatial, health and population dynamics relate to real-world problems,
  • utilizing and developing cutting-edge spatial data analysis and modeling techniques, and
  • considering different spatial scales ranging from neighborhoods to the global scale.

This website is intended to facilitate access to the research output, teaching programs and extension activities of our group.