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Presentation guidelines
Please read the below presentation guidelines carefully and follow them during the conference. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Room equipment
Each room is equipped with an LCD projector (beamer). The chair of the session is responsible for providing a laptop computer, and may want to coordinate the availability of a laptop with the presenters. Generally it is sufficient if the laptop provides access to PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please bring your presentation file on a USB memory stick and upload your file before the session starts.

All presenters should arrive 10 minutes in advance and make sure that no technical problems occur. Each presenter has 20 minutes to present, 5 minutes for his or her discussants’ presentation and 5 minutes for general discussion. Please respect the time limit for presenting your paper and for the discussion. The chairs are advised to enforce the time constraints.

Session chair
Chairs have been assigned on the detailed program. The chair has to ensure that a laptop is available and that time constraints are met. He or she should welcome and introduce the participants and moderate the open discussion. If the session’s chair is absent, the last presenter listed should take the role of the chair.

Every presenter is discussant of the previous paper as indicated in the detailed program. Accordingly, the second speaker is discussant of the first paper, the third speaker is discussant of the second paper and so forth. The first speaker is discussant of the last paper. Discussants can download the paper they have to discuss from the conference homepage (after May 25, 2010).



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