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A Case Study for New Entrepreneurs: Padgetts’ Dairy Goat Farm

Padgetts’ Dairy Goat Farm: Teaching Notes

Defining Your Business Through Goals and Objectives: First Steps for New Entrepreneurs, EC-727

How to Use Goals to Achieve Business Success: First Steps for New Entrepreneurs, EC-726

Selecting and Managing Consultants, EC-719

Developing Vision and Mission Statements, EC-720

Industry Analysis: the Five Forces, EC-722

Intellectual Property: Obtaining Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights, EC-723

Estimating Breakeven Sales for Your Small Business, EC-725

Developing Effective Job Descriptions for Farms and Small Businesses, EC-728

Principles for Structuring Small Businesses and Farms, EC-729

Marketing's Four P's: First Steps for New Entrepreneurs, EC-730

Capital Investment Analysis and Project Assessment, EC-731

Opportunities in the Fresh Cut Fruit Sector for Indiana Melon Growers, EC-732

General Licensing, Regulatory and Tax Requirements for Indiana Businesses, EC-733

Fatal Business Planning Assumptions, EC-734

The Elements of a Business Plan: First Steps for New Entrepreneurs, EC-735

New Generation Cooperatives: What, Why, Where, and How, ID-315

Value-Added Business Ventures Through Producer Alliances, ID-318

Strategic Planning: Scanning the Horizon, EC-716

The Competitive Environment: New Realities, EC717

The Internal Analysis of Your Farm Business: What is Your Farm's Competitive Advantage?, EC-721

Planning for the Unexpected: Human Resource Risk and Contingency Planning, EC-736

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal, EC-737

A Guide to Marketing for Small-Scale Aquaculture Producers, EC-738-W

Starting a Farmers' Market, EC-739

Food Safety Regulations for Farmers' Markets, EC-740

Using the WIC Program: A Guide for Farmers' Market Masters, Vendors, and Roadside Stands, EC-741