Three AgEcon Students Selected To 2012-13 Mortar Board

Three Department of Agricultural Economics students were selected to the 2012-13 Mortar Board class.  They were all “tapped” during class a few weeks ago; a tradition in the Purdue University Barbara Cook Mortar Board Chapter and were initiated this past Saturday.  “Mortar Board members are selected for their superior scholarship, dedicated service to the university community, and outstanding and constant leadership. Over the past 62 years Mortar Board has given $851,000 in fellowships and awards to Purdue students, staff, and student organizations. The money for these fellowships and awards comes largely from the annual sales of the well-known calendar, appropriately named, the Mortar Board. The "Mortar Board" was first published in 1945 as the "Reminder Calendar." Thanks to the sale of roughly 30,000 calendars this year, Mortar Board will once again be able to present fellowships and awards to Purdue students, staff, and student organizations.”

Laura Donaldson (Kentland, IN) is very enthusiastic about serving the 2012-13 Mortar Board Barbara Cook Chapter as President.  Her “tapping” story was fairly unique, “Jackson and I were both tapped during our Chemistry 112 Lecture with around 400 people in the room. I, however, was late to class by two minutes and missed my tapping because of the Rust Hiland Campaign Flashmob.”

Jackson Troxel (Hanna, IN) had the following to say about his “tapping” experience. ” "If you know how the Mortar Board selection process works, as a student, you have no idea whether you have been nominated, let alone which students will be chosen for this distinct honor. You find out during the 'tapping process' when some members the current class of Mortar Board march into your class singing! Laura Donaldson and I were in the same class together when the current class of Mortar Boarders burst through the doors at the beginning of lecture to tap us. The group actually presented Laura with the honor of being chosen for Mortar Board first, then they left the room. After I thought they were finished, they reentered the classroom thirty seconds later, singing again, and further surprising me!” 

Breanna Walker (Flint, MI) added, “When they first came in, I was not paying them much attention, until I heard my name. I was excited and nervous at the same time, mostly nervous because everyone in the class was now staring at me. I am very excited about being involved with Mortar Board, as a member and a committe chairperson. It has been great so far, I can't wait to see what next year holds.”


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Jackson Troxel and Laura Donaldson



Breanna Walker




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