Four Students Attend Soybean Alliance Leadership Conference

Four Department of Agricultural Economics students were invited to attend the Indiana Soybean Alliance Leadership Conference in Memphis, TN from January 8-10.  The four students included Jake Bohlander(Sophomore, Agribusiness Management; Darlington, IN), Morgan Dawson (Junior, Sales and Marketing; Underwood, IN), Brittany Haltom (Senior, Sales and Marketing; Dana, IN), and Sephora Hibbler (Junior, Food Industry Marketing Management; Chicago, IL).  The conference included a presentation form World Soy Foundation, session facilitated by the author of "From Insight to Action: Six New Ways to Think, Lead, and Achieve", and several breakout sessions on industry highlights, communication techniques, and leadership topics.

Hibbler commented, " "Having an urban perspective (since I am originally from Chicago) and attending the American Soybean Association allowed me to further understand agriculture and farming from a farmer's perspective." "I was intrigued by the amount of new information that the farmers and industry professionals from various states provided about soybean farming." Bohlander stated, "This conference was one of the best conferences I have been to in my college career, I met so many great people from all across America who had a common passion for Agriculture and had a desire to make the world a better, safer place to live through farming."

Haltom added, “The Soybean Leadership Conference was a great way to start out the academic semester. I enjoyed different advocacy topics in the industry that I hope to come back a use at Purdue and throughout my life as an “AGvocate.” Two of the main topics I learned more about is how do I tell my story and how can I make a difference. We were strongly encouraged to step up and take a stand and stay updates about what is going on in the industry. One of the best speakers at the conference was Trent Loos. He said a very powerful statement to encourage others to be influential, "There is no one answer. There is no one silver bullet. Just one person, one day at a time. We each have to do something."

Dawson concluded, "From my experience at the Soybean Leadership College, I truly appreciate the investment the American Soybean Association is making in its members and American soybean producers. I felt that the resounding key word at the conference was collaboration. From consistent messaging to promoting unity among producers, collaboration was the posed solution to many of the problems being faced by the industry today. One thing I heard a soybean farmer suggest at the conference was for farmers to invite legislators to their farms and let them drive their equipment, feed their animals and take part in farm activities for the day as a way to involve them in our stories and not just tell them. This was one of the many ideas I heard at the conference aimed at further advancing our industry."


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