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Purdue University's Department of Agricultural Economics wants to help you keep track of what we're doing.  You can read about what's going on monthly and annually. There may be opportunities to join our team. If so, you can find those here too. Read official Purdue News Service and Agricultural Communications press releases about our department, and see a schedule of events and seminars.


Keeping Track- Monthly
View our department's monthly newsletter. It lets you know what's been happening in the past month.  For those that would like to download a pdf version to print and read, they are available in the monthly archive. learn more

Keeping Track - Annual
View our department's annual newsletter containing articles that were particularly noteworthy from the past year.  This is published each summer. Adobe Reader is required to view this.learn more

Employment Opportunities
View any current employment opportunities in our department.learn more

2008 AAEA Awards
The 2008 AAEA awards ceremony was held in Orlando, Florida. Purdue had one faculty award winner and one student award winner. learn more

2008 PUCESA Awards
The 2008 PUCESA awards ceremony was held in Indianapolis. AgEcon had three award winners. learn more

There are frequent events and seminars of interest in the department or around the university. The following is a list of those of which we are aware. learn more


Programs & Publications

Keeping Track- Monthly

Keeping Track - Annual

Employment Opportunities

Press Releases




May 19, 2014

Introducing a Special Issue of Agricultural Economics on the World Food Crisis of 2007-08More

Now accepting applications for Natural Resources Leadership Development InstituteMore

Considering becoming an Agricultural Economics student? Please visit our Future Student pages.More

USDA National Needs Fellowships In The Economics Of Alternative Energy are available. For more information, download the pdf. More

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