Ph.D. Program: Requirements

  Master of Science Doctor of Philosophy
  Thesis Option Non-Thesis Option  
Minimum course credits
(excluding pre-requisites)
24 33 50 (includes acceptable M.S. credits)
AGEC 602 3 3 M.S. Thesis
Minimum Ag Economics Credits - - 18 (excluding special problems courses)
Core Economic Theory Credits1 6 6 8
Core Quantitative Credits2 6 6 10
Other Core Required Credits3 - - 3
Minimum Specialty Credits - - 9
Minimum Credit at 500+ level4 18 30 47
Maximum Transfer Credits5 9 9 No Limit
Minimum Research Credits6 12 3 24
Total Credits 36 36 90

1 M.S. - ECON 511, 512; Ph.D. - ECON 606, ECON 607, ECON 615, plus either ECON 609, ECON 610, or ECON 614
2 M.S. - two of STAT 512, AGEC 552, or AGEC 650; Ph.D. - ECON 670, AGEC 651, AGEC 652, AGEC 654 (2)
3 Ph.D. - AGEC 625 or ECON 608(1)
4 Use of less than 500 level courses on a plan of study requires approval from the Graduate Committee. Written requests for approval should justify inclusion of these courses on a course-by-course basis. MGMT/OBHR course work must represent less than 50 percent of the credit hours on a plan of study.
5 Credit for acceptable courses taken at other universities may be transferred after one satisfactory semester in residence. Undergraduate transfer credits from another university must be declared in excess for the B.S. Degree, must be taken for graduate credit and must be equivalent to Purdue 500 or 600 level courses. Equivalency of transfer credits to Purdue credits is determined by the Graduate School. A maximum of twelve credits may be transferred if earned as excess undergraduate credit or in post-baccalaureate status at Purdue University.
6 The research credits for the non-thesis M.S. degree are in the form of a special problem, the M.S. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation research credits are not considered "courses".

Note: Pass-fail grades are acceptable only for prerequisites. Courses must be taken for a grade to be listed on the plan of study. Prerequisite courses and grades will appear on the student's official transcript.


Ph.D. Program Topics

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