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August 2014

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August 2014 PAER Report

In this Issue:

A Time of Change? Indiana's Farmland Market in 2014. The boom that has characterized crop agriculture for the past several years seems to be waning. Prospects for above normal yields and growing stocks have resulted in a downward trend in grain and soybean prices.

Indiana Pastureland, Irrigated Farmland, Hay Ground, and On-Farm Grain Storage Rent. Find estimates for the rental value of irrigated farmland, pasture land, hay ground, and on-farm grain storage rates in Indiana.

Farmland Taxes: The Coming Dilemma of Higher Taxes and Lower Crop Incomes! Property taxes for most Indiana residents have gone down - but not for farmers. Why?

Is Farmland Currently Priced as an Attractive Investment? Farmland prices in the Corn Belt and Great Plains states have increased dramatically during the last few years. There are concerns that farmland prices will become higher than justified by fundamentals and result in what will later be recognized as a bubble.


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