Agricultural Economics Publications

Purdue Agricultural Economics Report (quarterly) and selected recent publications.


Purdue Crop Guide
2015 Purdue Crop Guide(PDF) Sept 2014
2014 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2014 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF, Revised 12-31-13)
2013 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) |
2012 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2012 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF, Revised 1-16-12)
2011 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2011 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF, Revised 1-27)
2010 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2010 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF, Revised 1-10)
2009 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2009 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF. Revised 1-09)
2008 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2008 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF, Revised 2-08)
2007 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2006 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF)
2005 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2004 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF)
2003 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF) | 2002 Purdue Crop Guide (PDF)
Estimated costs and returns of producing corn, soybeans, and wheat in Indiana, based on crop prices and input costs available at the beginning of the year.


Purdue Extension Publications
A listing of agricultural economics and inter-departmental publications available in hard copy or on the Web from the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. Here is the Indiana Farm Records Book if that is what you are trying to find.

Annual Surveys of Indiana Farmland Values
This area contains the Annual Surveys of Indiana Farmland Values dating back to 1974. It also contains the Indiana Farmland Value Index.

CES Papers
CES Papers series  is an informal, occasional series reviewed within the department.  It covers a wide variety of topics of current interest.

Farm Business Management and Marketing FAQ
The Farm Business Management and Marketing FAQ area is a list of PDF files that cover a wide variety of topics of current interest.

Farmland Leasing Resources
This area contains Farmland Leasing Resources from Purdue and a host of other sources.

Purdue Working (Staff) Papers
Full text copies of scholarly research (located on the University of Minnesota AgEcon Search) in the broadly defined field of agricultural economics including sub disciplines such as agribusiness, food supply, natural resource economics, environmental economics, policy issues, agricultural trade, and economic development. We also have a listing of working papers in the RePec system. Instructions for authors can be found in this PDF.

Indiana Custom Rates (PDF)
Reports the results of our most recent survey of the custom rates paid by Indiana farmers for various machinery operations performed by custom operators.

Purdue Agricultural Economics Report (PAER)
The PAER contains articles addressing a wide range of topics of interest to agricultural producers, agribusinesses, and rural communities. Included in this is an annual Outlook forecast, as well as the Land Survey. The PAER also periodically reports timely information about selected departmental programs, such as the Indiana Farm Management Tour and the Top Farmer Workshop. The PAER is normally published quarterly.

Tax Planning
Income Tax Planning for Farmers is revised annually. It is intended to update producers and tax practitioners on recent changes in tax laws and regulations affecting agriculture. The publication also provides a discussion of tax topics which may be of special interest in a given year and reviews a number of tax areas with emphasis on managerial options for farmers. The 2010 version is now available. A recording of the Tax Planning webinar that was done on 12-9-10 is now available. The 2009 version is located here (in PDF format).

Faculty and Staff Publications
A listing of agricultural economics and inter-departmental publications.


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