Extension Frequently Asked Farm Business Management & Marketing Questions

These are in PDF format:

FAQ 1: How Do I Start a New Farm Business?

FAQ 2: Where Do I Find Current and Historical Market Prices for Commodities and Livestock?

FAQ 3: What Are the Recommended Grazing Intensities for Various Pastures?

FAQ 4: What Are the Crop Bases for LDPs?

FAQ 5: Where Can I Find Examples of Leasing Agreements for Land and Other Ag-Related Contracts?

FAQ 6: What Do I Need for a Good Marketing Program?

FAQ 7: What Are the Average Input Costs for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Hay, and Livestock Enterprises?

FAQ 8: Who Are the Livestock Equipment Suppliers in Indiana?

FAQ 9: What Are the Most Necessary Farm Records, and How Do I Interpret and Use Them?

FAQ 10: How Do I Manage Risk?

FAQ 11: What About Alternative Financial/Organizational Structures for Farm and Agribusiness Firms?

FAQ 12: Cropland Cash Rent: How Much?

FAQ 13: How Do I Bring My Son or Daughter into the Family Farm Operation?

FAQ 14: Is My Farm a Business or a Hobby (Not-for-Profit) Farm?

FAQ 15: Where Can I Find Information About Farm Accounting Software?

FAQ 16: What About Other Farm-Related Topics?

FAQ 17: How Can I Be More Successful Hiring and Managing Employees?

FAQ-18: How Are Different Types of Marketing Clubs Organized?

FAQ-19: How Do I Protect Intellectual Property?

FAQ-20: What Are the First Steps to Starting an Alternative Agricultural Enterprise?

FAQ-21: What Papers Does Indiana Require a New Small Business to File?

FAQ-22: What Papers Does the Federal Government Require a New Small Business to File?

FAQ-23: Where Do I Find Midwestern and National Enterprise Budgets?

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