Farm and Family: Resources

Planning for a Secure Retirement If you are looking for tools to help you plan for retirement, a new distance learning course, Planning for a Secure Retirement, is now available to help you gather the information you need. The course is free.  Modules cover such topics as: Are You Ready to Retire?, When Can You Collect Social Security?, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), and How to Estimate Income Needed at Retirement
Investing For Your Future This 11-unit course was developed for beginning investors with small dollar amounts to invest at any one time.  The course begins with basic topics such as investment principles and then discusses specific types of investments.
Taking Control of Farm-Family Living Expenses
Communication in the Family
Balancing Work & Family
Involving the Family in Goal Setting & Decision Making
Recognizing & Managing Stress


Positioning the Business

Financial Performance

General Managers

Farmland Values

Farm & Family  Connections

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