Measuring & Analyzing Farm Financial Performance

The information and worksheets in this publication will help you measure the financial position of your business and analyze how changes may improve performance. To make it easier for you to use and reuse the worksheets discussed in this publication we have provided printed worksheets and ExcelŽ spreadsheets.

We encourage you to use the worksheets annually. While analysis for any one year can provide you with useful insights, the trend that you uncover through annual use of the worksheets will provide you with increasingly valuable information. 

Michael Boehlje, Craig Dobbins, Alan Miller, Dawn Miller, and Freddie Barnard

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 Financial Performance: How Do I Measure It?
 Financial Performance: How Am I Doing?
 Debt Service Analysis: Can I Repay?
 Cash Flow Budget: What Will It Tell Me?
 Responding to Financial Stress: What Works Best?
 How Do I Improve Financial Performance?
 The Payoff from Improving Performance
 Final Comments
 Worksheets 1 - 4
 Entire Publication



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Financial Performance

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