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Additions, November 2011: : Handouts and other links from Larry DeBoer's talks on property taxes, the state budget, and other topics.

New in October 2011: Here's a link to the recording of the "On Local Government" webcast from October 24, 2011, titled "What Have We Learned About the Property Tax Caps". And, here are the powerpoint slides that go with it.

New in October 2011: LSA's county property tax reports, for 91 counties (sorry LaPorte). With a brand new statewide summary.

New June 2011: An essay in the June 2011 Purdue Agricultural Economics Report, "Indiana Restructures Its State Budget."

New In February 2011:The Outlook for Indiana's State Budget

Revised in February 2011: How Farm Land is Assessed in Indiana, with new base rate values for 2012-14

New in December 2010: LSA's 2010 edition of the Handbook of Taxes, Revenues and Appropriations. An essential document for all us Indiana tax and budget types! See also LSA's estimates for tax caps through 2012, and the county property tax reports.

New in September 2010: A Cost of Community Services Study For Indiana Counties and School Corporations.

Updated in January '09: Indiana's local income taxes.

Updated in January '09: Indiana Tax Reform, 2008--an index page for the material about the 2008 property tax reform, on this website and elsewhere.


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