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"Hot Topics" are one-screen discussions of current issues in Indiana state and local government, with links to more information. 

The Indiana State Budget
The Local Option Inventory Deduction

Property Tax Assessment
Farm Land Assessment
Information on Your Property Tax Bill
Information on Your Assessment Notice
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Capital Comments
This is a monthly newspaper column by Larry DeBoer, on state and local government and economic issues. The link is to an archive at the Purdue Agricultural Communications website.



Learn Indiana local government in depth. 
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Follow the Fun At The General Assembly
Tax Restructuring, 2002
The Supreme Court Decision on Local Laws
The Indiana State Budget
Indiana State Government Fund Balances

Local Government Finance in Indiana

Local Government Budgeting

Local Government Services

Overview of Local Government Revenues

How Indiana's Taxes Compare to Other States

The Fiscal Impact of Development

Overview of the Indiana Property Tax
Property Tax Assessment

Farm Land Assessment for Property Taxes
How to Read Your Assessment Notice
The Property Tax on Inventories

The Local Option Inventory Deduction
How to Read Your Property Tax Bill
Indiana's Local Income Taxes
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

State Aid for Local Roads
State Aid to Local Schools

County Courthouse Pictures

Government Building and Historic Sight Pictures

Indiana Pi Bill, 1897

Was "Louie Louie" Banned in Indiana?


Tax and budget numbers for Indiana local government.
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