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Farmland values have continued to show strong increases throughout the Corn Belt. These increases have caused many to wonder whether the current boom will end in bust. We have created a variety of resources that people can use to help understand the current trends in farmland prices, how to value farmland, and how to evaluate the current situation. The resources include an archived webinar, video from faculty presentations, audio recordings, and powerpoint presentations. In addition, you can find links to crop budgets and the Indiana farmland value survey.

Farmland: Is it currently priced as an attractive investment? - a new paper on the latest with farmland values and whether it's a sound investment at this time.

Read our research on Agricultural Price and Land Values: Insights from Participants in the “Financial Health of Farming and Land Values” Conference.

Read Dr. Jason Henderson and Nate Kauffman's latest article on the wealth impact in agriculture.

Dr. Gloy offers some thoughts on the relationship between corn price expecations and farmland values.

Dr. Gloy's presentation Farmland Values -- Will the Boom Turn Bust? at the Top Producer Seminar, Chicago, IL, January 30, 2013.

Dr. Gloy's presentation What's Ahead for Farmland Trends? How Do Young Farmers Fit in? at Tomorrow's Top Producer seminar in Chicago, IL, January 29, 2013.

Whether the farmland boom will turn bust was the topic of Dr. Gloy's presentation to the Indiana Bankers' Agricultural Clinic on November 29, 2012.

Dr. Gloy made a presentation on farmland values and rents at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's conference on Farmland Leases on November 27, 2012. You can download a copy of the slides here.

Dr. Gloy made a presentation on July 16, 2012 at the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank's 2012 Agricultural Symposium "Is This Farm Boom Different." You can download a copy of his paper -- Farmland Values: Will the Boom Turn Bust, presentation transcript and slides. There are also a number of other interesting presentations available on the conference website

The 2012 Purdue farmland value survey indicates that farmland prices have continued to increase rapidly.

Farmland Values: Perspectives from the Field - 2012 survey of nearly 250 farmland market participants. The survey results provide insight on the rapidly changing market and shed light on the attitudes, beliefs and expectations of the participants therein. Download the full report.

Dr. Gloy's presentation at the the Farm Foundation Forum on farmland values: U.S. Farmland Values: Boom or Bust? April 11, 2012.

Farmland Goes for a Premium as Commodity Prices Tick Up A recent article in USA Today highlights how farmland values have been increasing.

Is the Current Prosperity Sustainable? That is the question addressed in a recent short paper by Michael Boehlje, Brent Gloy, and Jason Henderson from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Dr. Gloy gave a presenation on farmland values at the USDA's Agricultural Outlook Forum on February 24, 2012

Agriculture's Boom-Bust Cycles: Is this Time Different? This recent paper in the Kansas City Federal Reserve's Economic Review by Jason Henderson at the Kansas City Fed and the Center's Brent Gloy and Michael Boehlje discusses previous agriculture booms and busts and the current situation.

An Economic Perspective on Farmland Value Trends: A presentation by Dr. Gloy at the Chicago Federal Reserve's Agriculture Conference, November 15, 2011.

Dr. Gloy recently gave a presentation on U.S. farmland values at Bonnefield Financial's Canadian Farmland and Agribusiness Investment Seminar. You can view it on this page.

Farmland Values: Current and Future Prospects -- A paper that describes and assess the factors that are influencing farmland values

Narrated powerpoint files summarizing of some of the key elements of the paper -- Shifters and Shapers of Farmland Prices (Mike Boehlje), Factors Shaping Agricultural Income (Chris Hurt), Valuation Basics (Brent Gloy), and Factors Driving Current Valuations (Brent Gloy).

A web radio interview of Brent Gloy discussing farmland values with Ray Bowman.

The Farmland Value Webinar Archive -- a link to an archive of the January 10th webinar featuring Mike Boehlje, Chris Hurt, Craig Dobbins and Brent Gloy

A video recording of Brent Gloy's presentation at the FDIC's symposium on farmland values Don't Bet the Farm: Assessing the Boom in U.S. Farmland Prices. The entire program is available here.

Are Current Farmland Values Reasonable? -- An article in the Purdue Agricultural Economics Report addressing the level of current farmland values in Indiana

Are Economic Fundamentals Driving Farmland Values? -- An forthcoming article in Choices

Dr. Gloy and Dr. Jason Henderson of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank were guest editors of a special farmland values edition of Choices magazine.

Historical Indiana crop budgets

Indiana farmland value surveys