Resources - Prevented Planting


With corn planting in the Eastern Corn Belt significantly behind schedule, many farmers are beginning to consider the possibility that exercising the prevented planting provisions in some crop insurance products may become a realistic option.  This can be a complex decision. From an economic perspective there are several factors that influence the attractiveness of this option.  This article describes some of the economic dimensions of this decision.

We have also put together a spreadsheet to help farmers evaluate the decision to accept a prevented planting payment, plant corn after the crop insurance deadline, or switch to soybeans. It is available here.

Purdue Extension also recently held a webinar that discussed some of the agronomic and management issues related to late planting. You can listen to that webinar here.

The Chat 'n Chew Cafe has compiled a large amount of information related to late planting.

Gary Schnitkey has put together a podcast, written materials, and blog postings on late planting.