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Cattle Today Online – “Aquaculture Adds Diversity To Ag Operations” (Read more <>)

Seafood Business Magazine – “Increasingly, frozen seafood is making its way into America 's home and restaurant kitchens and shrimp is leading the march.” (Read more <>)

NOAA Fisheries Market Reports – Reports include daily Fulton Fish Market Fresh Prices, weekly New York Frozen Prices, daily New England Auction Prices, daily Boston Lobster Prices, weekly Boston Frozen Market Prices, and weekly Southeastern Ex-vessel Gulf Fresh Shrimp Prices <>

USDA-ERS Aquaculture Outlook – A bi-annual report that examines the U.S. aquaculture industry. “As most aquaculture industries have expanded, among the problems they face are over-production and declining real prices for their products. For most wild-harvest fishing industries, expansion would likely lead to problems with overfishing, essentially a reduction of their resource base, and higher product prices.” (Read more <>

FAO Globefish Market Reports – “ U.S. imports of tilapia are growing strongly. Apart from being a well liked product, very competitive with other species, the recent increase – imports almost doubled in three years – can be explained with the ban on Vietnamese catfish. (Read more <>)

Other Market News - A National Opinion Survey on attitudes and beliefs about eating fish shows that few Americans eat the amount of fish and shellfish recommended for optimal health. (Read more <>)

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