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Jason Henderson

Jason Henderson is Vice President and Omaha Branch Executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. In this role, he leads the Bank’s agricultural research activities, serves as the Bank's regional economist and representative in the state of Nebraska, recruits and works closely with the branch's board of directors and is responsible for briefing the Kansas City Fed's president – a member of the Federal Open Market Committee – on economic and business activity in the state.

Jason joined the Omaha Branch as Branch Executive in 2006. Prior to being promoted into this position, he served as Senior Economist with the Center for the Study of Rural America at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Jason began his second stint at the Bank in 2001 after completing his Ph.D. degree from Purdue University where he was the recipient of a USDA National Needs PhD Fellowship in Agribusiness. He has a M.S. degree in agricultural economics from Purdue University and a bachelor's degree in economics from Central College in Pella, Iowa.

Jason's research interests focus on rural economic issues. Jason has published research on rural migration, innovation, entrepreneurship, land values, the growth of knowledge-based activity in rural America, and the use of electronic commerce in agricultural industries. He is responsible for publication of the Tenth Federal Reserve District's quarterly survey of agricultural credit conditions and the Main Street Economist, a Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City publication reviewing the major economic challenges and opportunities emerging in rural America. He is also responsible for the Agricultural Finance Databook, a Federal Reserve System publication summarizing national agricultural finance conditions.

Jason presents frequently to a wide range of business, financial and policy audiences and has presented expert testimony on agricultural finance conditions before Congress. His research has been widely cited by policy officials, other researchers, and leading media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, and USA Today.

Jason is a native of Arlington, Iowa, where he was raised on a small dairy farm. He is married and has three children.




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December 19, 2018

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